Derek Richardson send us a…Postcard from Malaysia

Derek Richardson send us a…Postcard from Malaysia

AMC have taken the decision to switch and sign with Culina for UK distribution of its full range of juice products.
AMC are looking for a stable partner and a long term contract. Culina will be working with MMUK, the UK subsidiary of AMC, handling over 140 different products on their behalf.

“AMC are looking to actively expand in the UK. The decision to switch to Culina was integral to our plans. We need a logistics supplier we can rely on completely”, said Mark Graham of MMUK,

“Through MMUK we are working with the most demanding retailer networks, clients who insist on total commitment to their systems. In our phase one trial Culina have proved that they can fully deliver on their promises”

A clear unique selling point for Culina in winning this significant contract with AMC was Culina IT support. Culina were able to respond rapidly to develop an efficient bespoke IT interface to an extremely complicated client brief.

“Culina are pleased to say that our initial 2000 pallet uplift of AMC products from NFT, the previous logistics partner was totally seamless”, Said Thomas Van Mourik, Culina CEO,

“There was absolutely no impact on deliveries into the major retailers being served. We are now channelling considerable on-going focus on meeting AMC KPI’s exactly”

The Culina contract is 100% to distribute Juice for AMC